Jets Sax Players


The Top 10 Things You Should Know as a new member of the James Clemens Band

1. ALWAYS be on time, which really means 10-15 minutes early.

2. When in doubt, stop talking.

3. Show respect to everyone and listen to what ‘veterans’ have to say. They’re probably right.

4. Get in shape for band camp BEFORE the first day.   Acclimate yourself to the summer heat and physical activity

5. Be the example… ALWAYS!

6. If you practice daily and constantly work to get better, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

7. Take things seriously, but not TOO seriously. In the end, “It is only high school marching band.”

8. Bring all equipment and accessories to practice every day. (Dot book, shoes, socks, water, instrument etc.). You don’t want to be the one without something.  There are consequences for not coming prepared.

9. You will be called out eventually. Don’t be afraid. When it happens, just speak up and don’t worry about being wrong.

10. Keep up on your schoolwork. Take every opportunity to do your homework. On the bus, extra time in class, at appointments — do whatever it takes. Be as productive as possible.  You will learn one of the most valuable lessons in band – how to manage your time.


Band Director

Keith Anderson

Assistant Band Director

Brian Sims