Jets Guard


General Guard FAQ:

Do I need experience to audition for color guard?

No prior experience is necessary. All basic skills will be taught during the week of auditions.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No! A flag will be provided during the audition process. No weapon (rifle or sabre) will be taught during the audition process.

What do I wear?

School appropriate athletic clothes and tennis shoes.

What is the time commitment for color guard?

Mandatory attendance is required at band camp. Band camp is normally the last two weeks in July.  There are practices every Tuesday and Thursday after school from one of the first days of school to the end of football season. Attendance at all football games, parades, competitions, and other band events is required. Attendance at all color guard fundraisers is required unless the absence is approved by an instructor.  Please contact a color guard instructor regarding a conflict before a rehearsal, game, parade, competition, or required band event. All absences must be approved prior to any band event except for sickness or an emergency situation.

What is the difference between the competition marching band and marching band?

The competition marching band performs at all football games (pre-game and halftime) as well as at marching competitions, parades, and other band events. Marching band only members perform during pre-game, in the stands, and at all parades.  All guard members will be a part of the marching band that performs during pre-game and at parades. Final decisions on guard members who will be in the competition band (as well as the marching band) will be made during the summer. The color guard instructors and/or band directors have the right to bench anyone from both the competition and/or marching bands that is not performing to the standards that have been set.

Do I get LIFE PE credit for color guard?


I have a question about color guard. Who do I contact?

Ms. Katie Hazelton

How much does it cost to be on the color guard?

Estimated costs for new members range from $500-$700. Fundraisers and payment schedules are done to help with the cost of the activity.

Can I do guard and another?

Most of the time yes. Academics are taken seriously. We have had current and former students involved in many different activities, clubs, pre-AP, and AP classes. Be open to alternatives (summer, zero block, and online classes). If you plan accordingly, you can be involved with guard and band throughout your high school career.

What is Winter Guard?

Winter Guard is the spring version of color guard without the band. You have to be a member of the color guard team to audition for winter guard. Auditions are normally held sometime toward the end of football season or after football season ends. Winter guard season runs from the middle of January to mid March/early April. Practices start before fall semester is over and pick up when school starts back in January. Practices are all after school and all day competitions are on Saturdays. Cost for this activity is between $250-$300 dollars. We try to keep the cost as low as possible.


2018 Guard tryout packet coming soon.


Band Director

Keith Anderson

Assistant Band Director

Brian Sims