How Does My Child Join Band?

Contact a band director through email as soon as you know you will be attending James Clemens High School.  You will also need to enroll in band classes (see below) when you meet with your counselor.
If you are coming from Liberty Middle School, Mrs. Rakoff will give you information on the process of joining the JCHS Band.  There will be meetings and information given during school and after school for both students and parents to attend to make the transition as seamless as possible.

What Classes Do I Register for?

In the Fall semester, you should register for:
All Brass and Woodwinds should enroll in Competition Band (1st block)
If you do not make competition band at auditions in May, you will be placed in Marching Band (2nd block).
All percussionists (drum line and front ensemble) should register for Marching Percussion (2nd block)
Color guard should register for Colorguard (4th block)
Dance Team should register for Dance (4th block)
In the Spring, you should register for:
If you are a freshman or sophomore, register for Concert Band (1st block)
If you are a junior or senior, register for Wind Ensemble (3rd block)
Percussion should register for Spring Percussion (2nd block)
Wind Ensemble and Concert Band are auditioned groups.  If you were to make the ensemble that you did not sign up for, the directors can change your schedule.

Is Band Camp required?

Yes.  We announce band camp dates typically in January/February for the following school year.  Any student not attending band camp cannot be in the competition band.

What do I need to know about Band Camp?

Band camp is typically 2 weeks around the end of July/Beginning of August. Band Camp is a strenuous event.  Marching Band is a physical activity, so you may encounter students running, doing pushups, or working out during band camp.  Bring lots of water, athletic shoes, and a wire stand (for musicians) to band camp.  We will spend most of the time outside in the heat, so be prepared.  We recommend that you do some physical activity on your own prior to band camp so you are prepared to be outside.  Know the your student is going through a very tough, but rewarding two weeks.  Please encourage your student!

What is the after school schedule for competition band and marching band?

For competition band members:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:30.
Games are typically from 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm on Friday nights.
Marching band members will be required to come to some, but not all after school rehearsals.  These rehearsals will be announced in advance.
There is usually a Wednesday afternoon rehearsal during homecoming week.  All after school rehearsals are required.  On very rare occasions you may run into an unavoidable and major conflict with rehearsal .  Please contact the directors regarding the conflict before the rehearsal.  All absences must be approved prior to the rehearsal except for sickness (not at school that day or you checked out) or an emergency situation. Please see our attendance policy in the band handbook.

What is the Competition Marching Band?

The Competition Marching Band will be the fall semester’s competitive ensemble and will compete in 2-3 marching competitions, in addition to performing at all football games, parades, and other marching band events.  The CMB will consist of all selected auxiliary members, and auditioned wind and percussion members that have successfully passed a performance evaluation based on playing ability as well as marching ability.

How is Competition Band different from the Marching Band?

All students will perform with the Marching Band at pre-game, in the stands, and all parade performances.  Those students that pass the performance evaluation will perform with the Competition Marching Band during halftime and at competitions.

How will membership in the Competition Marching Band be decided?

Performance evaluations will be held late in the spring semester and consist of a playing audition and a marching audition.  This will serve as a benchmark for a necessary minimum level of playing and marching ability.  After school rehearsal sessions will be available to help students prepare for the evaluation process.

What is the after school schedule for Wind Ensemble/Concert Band?

Wind Ensemble meets from 3:45-5:00 pm on Wednesdays
Concert Band: TBA
All after school rehearsals are required.  Occasionally you may run into an unavoidable and major conflict with rehearsal.  Please contact the directors regarding the conflict before the rehearsal.  All absences must be approved except for sickness (not at school that day or you checked out) or an emergency situation.

Do you get Life PE credit for being in Marching Band?


Can you do band and …….?

The answer to this is “most of the time.”  We have current or former students that have participated in almost every school organization, taken every AP class, or been in all programs on campus, and were able to do band all 8 semesters of high school.  Sometimes being in band year-round takes some creativity and planning – you may need to take an online class, a summer class, or a zero block class.  Most of the time it can be accomplished if you want it to happen and are willing to make a sacrifice such as taking a two week drivers ed course or health course in the summer.
For students involved with school-related athletics or activities that interferes with band rehearsals or performances, please contact the directors.  This is discussed on an individual basis.

I have a question about _________, who should I ask?

If you would like to join the JCHS band, please contact the directors.
If you have a question about finances, please contact the treasurer.
If you would like to chaperone, please contact the chaperone lead.
If you would like to volunteer to be in a committee, contact the volunteer lead.
If you  have a question about the details of a fundraiser, contact our fundraiser lead.
If you have questions about working a concession stand, contact the concessions lead.
If you have questions regarding your students’ health issues, grades, or conflicts with rehearsals, please contact the directors.

How much does it cost to be in marching band?

The class fee is $50 per semester.  This is payed as a class fee.
In addition to the class fees, booster fees exist to pay for many non-instruction related costs the band has – such as transportation to and from band events!
The booster fee in the Fall is $250 and can be paid at band camp.  This is for both marching band and competition band members.
The booster fee in the Spring is $100 and can be paid in the fall or at the first band parents meeting in January.


Band Director

Keith Anderson

Assistant Band Director

Brian Sims