Jets Competition


1. Be supportive of each and every band. Be considerate during each band’s performance and show your appreciation for their hard work by your hearty applause at the end of every band’s performance as well as when they take the field for competition.

2. No matter what your personal opinion of a particular performance, never say it out loud unless it is complimentary. Every band on the field is “somebody’s band”, and it may be the folks sitting next to or behind you. Give to the other participating bands the same respect and attention you hope they will give to our band.

3. Refrain from conversation during the performances. Show respect for the bands and the spectators around you by not talking during a performance.

4. Do not leave or return to your seat during a band’s performance. Wait until a performance has ended before moving about. You will only need to wait 15 minutes, at the most, before the next break. There is sufficient time between bands to move in and out of your seating area.

5. Listen more than you talk, especially with boosters from other bands.

6. Buy a program and familiarize yourself with how the event is being judged and scored. Be an “informed” spectator.

Each band performing at this event has their own story to tell. Some come from urban areas, some come from rural areas. Some come from large schools, others come from small schools. Some have overcome odds just to have a marching band in which to participate. Some may have experienced difficult set-backs, while others are experiencing their most positive marching season ever. Regardless of each band’s particular circumstances, every student who takes the field has made the choice to make music and art a part of their lives. As boosters and spectators, we each have a responsibility to recognize those efforts by simply being a “good audience”.


Band Director

Keith Anderson

Assistant Band Director

Brian Sims