Band Camp


How to Prepare for and Survive Band Camp

Band Camp is an exciting time for new students in the program.  It’s their first official event the the James Clemens Band.  They will get to meet the veteran members, learn the JCHS Band traditions, and make many new friends.  Band Camp is also when we learn marching fundamentals and learn a majority of the competition and pregame shows.  It can be a pretty intense experience!  Before going to band camp, know that you will be outside during all hours of the day in the heat and you will be doing a physical activity.  In order to make sure you are prepared for band camp, you should do the following:

How to prepare your music

1 Download competition show and pregame show music from Charms.  It is usually available by the end of June.
2 Practice your music over the summer before camp.
3 Come to band camp with your competition music memorized.  You will be glad you did!
4 Take private lessons once a week.
5 Bring your competition, pregame, and stand music to band camp.  All of this can be downloaded from charms.  You will need to have a flip folder with plenty of blank pages for your stand music.   Ask your section leader about what to download if needed.

How to prepare your body

1 Drink Water.  Start drinking exclusively water or healthy sports drinks a week before band camp.  Get rid of the sodas.
2 Eat Healthy – Lots of protein, veggies, fruit, and some carbs.  Stay away from artificial sugar and dairy.
3 Do something physical everyday leading up to camp .  Work out, play basketball, jog, walk your dog a mile, chase your little bother.
4 Acclimate yourself to the summer sun and temperature.  Be outside in the afternoon for a little while each day before band camp.
5 Eat breakfast everyday before band camp.  Especially if you don’t typically eat breakfast!
6 Bring a large (half gallon or gallon) water bottle to band camp and constantly drink water all day long – even when we are inside.
7 Wear sunscreen.

What to bring to camp

1 A large water jug!
2 Wear athletic summer clothes that are in dress code.  Ask your section leader if you have questions about this.
3 Your music that you have printed off the website.  Ask your section leader or experienced member of the band if you are confused about what to download.
4 A wire stand (for woodwinds and brass only)
5 Your working instrument with valve oil, slide grease, or extra reeds or equipment.
6 Sunscreen
7 Sunglasses and a hat are optional but are good to have when we are outside to protect you from the sun.
8 Color guard and Dance team may have additional/slightly different requirements – see your section leaders.


1 You will receive paper work on the first day of camp or in your email prior to band camp – please fill this out and get it back ASAP.
2 There is a yearly meeting one evening during band camp (typically Thursday) that is essential to attend.
3 Lunch for students is on your own every day and you may leave campus.  We encourage students to bring lunch or have your lunch delivered and stay around the band room to get to know the new members.  Make sure you are back on time (10 minutes early).


Band Director

Keith Anderson

Assistant Band Director

Brian Sims